21 - 10 - 2017
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66 - NikKTech & AeroCool / Thunder X3 Be Very Cool WorldWide Giveaway - Over




   It has taken more time than needed for us to close the doors of our latest giveaway with our friends from AeroCool / Thunder X3 mainly because we’re planning our massive December (Christmas) giveaway like we do every year.

   In any case since I know how many of you are waiting for this our 4 very lucky winners are:

1) Alan D McLean Jr (P7-C1)
2) Daric Lepper (P7-C1)
3) Larissa Jakovleva (TK50)
4) Guido Troost (TM30)

   Congratulations to all 4 of you are in order but that aside you still need to either email us with your shipping details plus a valid telephone number (email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">here) or reply with that info to the FB messages you were send notifying you of winning.

   Also do remember to post a picture with or of the prize once you receive it. This is because we want everyone to know that you actually got your prizes.

   As for all the rest worry not cause so far we’ve exceeded 3000Eur worth of prizes and we should have twice as many by the end of the month for our Christmas Global Giveaway. 


   Over the past 4+ years we’ve given away roughly 400 prizes (386 to be exact) some of which were claimed immediately while others were claimed months after their giveaways had ended. Personally I’ve never won a single thing in my life, just recently I won a free bio-clean for my car from Shell which I ended up not claiming since I left it for a Sunday without knowing that they didn’t clean cars at that day. Anyways what I’m trying to say is that we really enjoy giving back to all of you and even though some people may not like this we don’t plan on stopping.

    Anyways todays giveaway took some extra planning than what we initially thought but thanks to our friends over at AeroCool / Thunder X3 it’s finally live and so up for grabs this time over we have the following:

1) Two AeroCool P7-C1 White Tempered Glass Towers
2) One Thunder X3 TK50 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
3) One Thunder X3 TM30 Gaming Mouse

    As usual participating in our giveaway requires the completion of three very easy steps:

1) Like Our Official Facebook Page
2) Like the
Official AeroCool and/or Thunder X3 Facebook Pages (say thanks to AeroCool by liking both)
Reply under the giveaway post pinned at the top of our FB page (tell us why you’d like one of the prizes).

   Giveaways open Worldwide are not easy to achieve due to extra shipping costs but it’s the first thing we always ask our partners and so once again everyone is free to join no matter which continent they are on (just as long as they are on this planet). We are running this giveaway up until the 20th of November at which time we will announce our 4 very lucky winners and start another Worldwide giveaway with one of our newest partners.

   That’s all people, the best of luck to all of you both from everyone here and at AeroCool / Thunder X3 and remember to share our giveaways anyway you possibly can so we can have more for as long as we are here.


Posted: 10 months 4 weeks ago by slugbug55 #2056
slugbug55's Avatar
Congrats winners.
Posted: 10 months 4 weeks ago by grayhoose #2054
grayhoose's Avatar
congrats guys!!!
Posted: 11 months 1 week ago by Sephiroth_Omen #2053
Sephiroth_Omen's Avatar
Thanks for the chance ;)
Posted: 11 months 1 week ago by Shiny_Valkyrie #2052
Shiny_Valkyrie's Avatar
Thank you so much.
Wonderful giveaway :D
Posted: 11 months 1 week ago by Azure_Death #2049
Azure_Death's Avatar
Thank you so much for the opportunity =)
Posted: 11 months 1 week ago by slipknot666 #2048
slipknot666's Avatar
fantastic line-up and great choice as a prize you nailed it
Posted: 11 months 1 week ago by 金大帥 #2047
金大帥's Avatar
Posted: 11 months 2 weeks ago by magicflyer #2046
magicflyer's Avatar
Wow, very cool, thats is very nice for my new system !
Posted: 11 months 2 weeks ago by laranje #2045
laranje's Avatar
all done ;-)
Posted: 11 months 2 weeks ago by grayhoose #2044
grayhoose's Avatar
i'd like to win the keyboard because of...reasons mechanical reasons...thx!