20 - 02 - 2018
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07 - Cadence Watch Worldwide Joint Contest - Over




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    Although i'm technically still on my 1 week summer vacation since i now have internet access i can finally announce our Cadence Joint Contest winner. So the very lucky reader to soon receive this quite innovative watch is none other than Ted Kooper. Congrats for your brand new watch Ted, all that's left is for you to send me your shipping details (including an cellular number) either in FB or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and wait for our friends at Cadence to send it to you. Also do remember that we require that you post a picture of the product (with you if possible) once you receive it on our FB page purely for validation purposes.

    Once again congratulations and as for the rest of you well i have something really good in store this weekend so stay tuned and spread the word.

   It’s been almost a week since our last contest/giveaway closed its curtains and so since many of you have expressed their interest on the Josh Chadwick Watch (after reading our review) we decided that aside the 40% discount coupon offered by Cadence to all our readers (NIKK40) it would be nice if we also made one of those innovative watches available up for grabs by a single lucky winner (this time over securing 3 prizes was not possible).

   So as always in order to be eligible to win the Josh Chadwick watch you need to take 3 very easy steps:


1) Like our Official Facebook Page.
2) Like the Official Cadence Watch Facebook Page.
3) Post a reply under our pinned Facebook contest thread (ours not the one in the Cadence page).

   That’s pretty much it folks, easy right? The contest/giveaway is open WORLDWIDE and will run up until the 13th of August. The name of the lucky winner will be announced the same day since we will be also doing another giveaway then.

   Again good luck to you all from both us and the people over at Cadence Watch and remember to share our contests/giveaways with your friends so our small community can grow larger and offer even more.

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