24 - 11 - 2017
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34 - NuForce Worldwide Joint Giveaway - Over





    Well although we had a total of 144 participants in this giveaway we were expecting way more so from what i gather most of you are not really fond of earphones and earsets so next time before we arrange a giveaway with such products we will be sure to check with all of you first. Anyways this giveaway is now officially over and so without further delay our lucky winners are:

1) Marian Baiatu is our first winner who gets one of the NE-700X models.
2) Philip Miller will be getting the second NE-700X model.
3) One of the NE-700M models goes to Jens Ken Lundstrom.
4) The lucky winner of the second NE-700M model is Evgeny Maslay.

    Your prizes are already here but since we will be dispatching them via regular post office it will take some time for them to get there so be patient. Be sure to send your details either by sending your shipping details and a valid cell phone number to my email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">here or by replying to my FB messae. Also if possible once you receive the prize post a picture with you in it in our FB page so everyone can see that the prize has arrived. Many receive the prizes (most actually) and never upload a picture. We are not certain as to why that is since it would take perhaps 1 minute to take one and upload it but if you have any recommendation regarding how to make it even easier we are listening.

    That's all folks all you have to do now is to wait for a few hours for us to finish the details of our 35th giveaway.



   For the past 22 months the focus of our giveaways has been computer related peripherals, hardware and software (with a couple of exceptions) so today we decided to spicy things a bit and to do that we came together with our friends from NuForce to make available 4 of their latest and best earphone sets for all of you and more specifically two sets of the NE-700X model and two sets of the NE-700M model. As always to participate in this giveaway you need to take 4 little steps:

    1)  Like our Official FB Page
    2)  Like the Official NuForce FB Page
    3)  Post
under the NuForce Joint Worldwide giveaway post (pinned at the top of Our FB Page)
Share the giveaway with your friends (make sure it’s set on public so we can verify it).

   This giveaway will run until the 31st of January and much like most of our giveaways is open to everyone around the world something we know that many of you will be delighted to hear. Again at the 31st or the 1st be sure to check either this post or your OTHER folder in your messages to see if you are one of the 4 very lucky winners.


   That’s all people, good luck from everyone here and at NuForce and may the 4 luckiest people win.

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Posted: 3 years 10 months ago by najiro #1360
najiro's Avatar
Awesome! I love in-ear headphones! Perfect for outdoors and traveling :)