21 - 02 - 2018
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Airlive OD-2025HD 2MP Outdoor IP Camera Review

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   Largely thanks to the global crisis of the economy crime rate is on the rise around the globe and so it comes as little surprise that most people i know are either building complete security systems worth thousands of euros or just settle for a basic surveillance system. Of course there are always those who can afford to have a private security cruiser from a serious security firm check on their house several times a day but that's simply not possible for most people. Personally I’ve always chosen to build my own alarm/security systems using both motion/alarm sensors and IP Cameras, something which is possible for everyone without having to spend many of your monthly paychecks to do so. Today we are going to see such a device and more specifically the OD-2025HD 2 Megapixel Outdoor 30fps 25 meter IR IP Camera by Airlive.


   The manufacturer of AirLive® products, OvisLink Corp. was founded in 1993 in Taiwan by a group of industrial experts who set out to provide the best combination of quality, service, technology and value in the industry. Today, OvisLink Corp. is an international corporation, total networking solution provider with over 200 products and with hundreds of distributors around the world. Our industry technology leadership is indisputable. OvisLink Corp. was the first company in Taiwan to introduce Fast-Ethernet NICs and Switches when IEEE 802.3u standard was established in 1996. Moreover, OvisLink Corp. entered the WLAN market in 2001 with the AirLive® series and became the major provider of wireless solutions. In 2004, Our WMU-9000VPN multimedia router won the Best of Computex award for its excellent multi-function capability. When you choose us as a partner, you can be sure that we will provide you with the latest innovative solutions.


   Airlive was amongst the first manufacturers to release a Full HD (1080p) IP Camera roughly a year ago and ever since then the OD-2025HD is considered to be amongst the best around the same price range. What's somewhat strange however is that we have yet to see many 2 Megapixel/Full HD IP Camera models to hit the market and since normal 1.3MP models offer almost half the resolution i sure hope that changes soon. Now as you can see from the intro picture the OD-2025HD is a steady IP Camera housed inside an IP-66 weatherproof enclosure which can withstand pretty much anything thrown at it by nature (hurricanes excluded). What makes the OD-2025HD quite unique however are the 4.0mm wide angle lens used which allow you to pretty much see everything inside an 87 degree horizontal angle a number which is quite impressive since most IP Cameras cover less than 50 degrees. Finally as expected from such a high end model the OD-2025HD also features a quite impressive night vision mode with the help of 24 IR LEDs which can illuminate a distance of up to 25 meters. Time however to take a closer look and see exactly what you can expect from the OD-2025HD 2 Megapixel Outdoor 30fps 25 meter IR IP Camera by Airlive.