25 - 02 - 2018
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QNAP TS-453Bmini-8G NAS Server Review

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By installing the applications required to enable the HybridDesk Station you can use most of the applications found in the NAS from the comfort of your living room and/or bed. The applications installed are Google Chrome, Clementine (multi-platform music player), DeadBeef (music player), Facebook, File Station HD, Firefox, OceanKTV (Karaoke), LibreOffice (office suite), Surveillance Station, Music Station HD, QTS (web interface), OpenTTD (game), Photo Station HD, Plex Home Theater (media player), QVR Pro Client Beta (Surveillance Station Upgrade), Skype, Spotify (music download), Supertux (game), TuneInRadio (online radio), Video Station HD, Wesnoth (game), HD Player (combines the photo, music, video stations) and YouTube.



If Karaoke is your thing then the OceanKTV will brighten your day not only because of its new features but also because of its very easy to navigate interface.



Accessing the QTS OS from HDMI is not as smooth as from your desktop but it can come in handy for emergencies.



The new QVR Pro Client Beta is more versatile compared to the usual Surveillance Station Pro we’ve known for so long (only question is whether or not QNAP will make it available for free or not and if not will that be for all models?).



The HD Player allows you to view pictures, listen to audio and see video clips but it lacks many things we’ve gotten used to from KODI including support for some file formats (worth pointing out is that you can still install KODI on your own even though QNAP does not officially support it).