25 - 02 - 2018
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QNAP TS-453Bmini-8G NAS Server Review

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qnap ts453bmini 8g 1tUnlike their other NAS models QNAP ships the TS-453BMini inside a blue cardboard box which has a product drawing at the front right next to 3 other drawings of a screen, keyboard and a mouse (used to showcase the QvPC technology) and of course its 4k UHD support.



Two product drawings are placed on the left side and are used to showcase the various activity LEDs and ports on the unit.



At the rear we find yet another drawing used to showcase the drive trays and memory module area and listed right beneath are some of the product features and specifications.



The bundle contents and a Thank You note are the first things you'll see when you open the box.



While the NAS is placed inside a plastic bag and between two thick foam spacers the rest of the bundle sits inside a small cardboard box.



Along with the TS-453BMini you are also getting 8 drive mounting rails, its power adapter and cord, two RJ45 Ethernet cables, IR remote control, bag with screws for 2.5" drive installation and the quick installation guide.