23 - 01 - 2018
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ASUSTOR AS1004T NAS Server Review

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ADM 3.0.0.B5A2 PART 2












Pretty much everything else is placed inside the settings tab so from here you can adjust including the network settings, regional options, hardware options (LEDs/Buzzer/Fan control/Power settings/LCD text), various notification options, ADM defender (firewall), ADM update (manual or automatic), network recycle bin, energy saver (drive standby mode/fan control/wake on LAN), ease of access (Cloud Connect/EZ Router/DDNS), factory default settings and product registration.



From the Download Server tab not only can you download files using the BitTorrent Client but you can also use it to download files directly from HTTP/FTP.



ASUSTOR has launched a VPN server software which allows you to setup your very own virtual private network.



One more new app is the Hi-Res Player which as you can see grabs information from the internet for the tracks it detects.


The SoundsGood application allows streaming of music onto mobile devices and once again it looks a lot better compared to its predecessor.



ASUSTOR has added more camera models in their Surveillance Center it still needs work. I'm saying this not only because none of our 3 installed IP cameras (2xLinksys, 1xTRENDnet) was detected by the auto feature in terms of available IP camera models ASUSTOR still has a limited number.



Still thanks to the extra manufacturers compared to last time, the ONVIF compatibility mode and some extra tweaking we were able to manually setup all 3 models.