23 - 10 - 2017
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QNAP TBS-453A-8G-960GB 4-Bay M.2 SSD NASbook Review

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qnap tbs 453A 8g 960gb 1t The TBS-453A arrived inside a typical cardboard box that just has a sticker at the front with the main product specifications.



qnap tbs 453A 8g 960gb 2t

Six small drawings placed at the rear point to the six main features of the NAS.



qnap tbs 453A 8g 960gb 3t

Both the encryption function and the M.2 compatibility are mentioned on the left side.



qnap tbs 453A 8g 960gb 4t

A welcome message from QNAP is the first thing you will see once you open the box.



qnap tbs 453A 8g 960gb 5t

Both the TBS-453A and its bundle are placed between two pieces of cardboard.



qnap tbs 453A 8g 960gb 6t

QNAP ships the TBS-453A with its power adapter, power cord, 2 RJ45 Ethernet cables, remote control, 4 small black heatsinks and the quick installation guide.