19 - 01 - 2018
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QNAP TVS-682-I3-8G NAS Server Review

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qnap tvs 682 18t

As with most QNAP NAS taking off the top/side cover just requires removing the three screws holding it at the rear.



qnap tvs 682 19t

QNAP has used an 80 Plus Bronze certified 250W PSU from FSP Group.



qnap tvs 682 20tqnap tvs 682 22t
Although the PCIe Gen3x4 slot is a low-profile one the Gen3x16 is a full size one and can be used even with PCIe SSDs (NVMe included).



qnap tvs 682 21tA large heatsink is placed over the CPU and there's also a blower fan right next to it.



qnap tvs 682 23t

I was surprised to see that QNAP placed 2 microphone 6.3mm inputs in the TVS-682 for use with their OceanKTV karaoke app.



qnap tvs 682 24tqnap tvs 682 25tThe mainboard used in the TVS-682 takes regular DIMMs and by default it comes with two DDR4 modules running at 2133MHz by Transcend.



qnap tvs 682 26t

As usual the 512MB DOM flash memory module is supplied by Apacer.



qnap tvs 682 27tqnap tvs 682 28t
We also see a field programmable gate array and a voltage regulator.



qnap tvs 682 29t

A medium-sized black heatsink is placed right over the Northbridge which is located just over the RAM slots.



qnap tvs 682 30tqnap tvs 682 31t
Since the TVS-682 can be used with 10G/40G cards we used one of our LAN-10G2T-U cards.



qnap tvs 682 32t

As expected each drive bay has its very own activity LED but again unlike most QNAP NAS the TVS-682 also has a vertical blue LED right next to the power button.