19 - 01 - 2018
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AOC U3477PQU WQHD 34 inch LCD Monitor Review

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Watching a movie in 21:9 aspect ratio is not a bad thing as long as the movie is Blu-ray (Full HD material) and thus we were very impressed with the detail and cinema-like picture when we watched the Blu-Ray of Avatar Special Edition. True it may seem strange to some people (it did to us at first a bit also) but i think the above pictures speaks for themselves.



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Viewing angles is one of the good things about IPS panels and with a price of 178 degrees on both axes they are very good as you can clearly see from the above pictures.



3090wqxi2 viewingatu3477pqu viewingat3090wqxi2 viewingbtu3477pqu viewingbt
However games benefit much more from such a wide screen since as you can see from the above pictures even the 2560x1600 resolution of our NEC 3090WQXi2 (top pictures) is no match for the 3440x1440 resolution of the U3477PQU (bottom pictures). Some may not see the benefit of having a very wide display but aside being able to see more you also get an advantage in some games (single and online) compared to other gamers. Of course to be able to utilize this resolution you need a good graphics card but if you're throwing money on such a screen chances are you already have one (or more).



3090wqxi2 resolutionatu3477pqu resolutionat3090wqxi2 resolutionbtu3477pqu resolutionbt
The U3477PQU may not support 4k but still its resolution is beyond what we have here now and you can see the detail/crispness it produces in these pictures when compared to the 2560x1600 resolution of the NEC 3090WQXi2 (top pictures).