19 - 01 - 2018
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AOC U3477PQU WQHD 34 inch LCD Monitor Review

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aoc uqhd u3477pqu 08t

Measuring 551.4mm in width the U3477PQU is really massive and certainly one of the most impressive monitors I’ve ever used.



aoc uqhd u3477pqu 09t
aoc uqhd u3477pqu 10t

The stand AOC has used allows the end user to raise the U3477PQU very high (up to 450mm from the desk) or bring it all the way down to the level of the base (roughly 76mm from the desk).



aoc uqhd u3477pqu 11t

As expected all the control buttons and the power on/off LED are placed on the lower right corner.



aoc uqhd u3477pqu 12t
aoc uqhd u3477pqu 13t
aoc uqhd u3477pqu 14t

AOC has also used a very nice looking stand which has an adjustable tilt of up to 5 degrees forward and 24 degrees backwards.



aoc uqhd u3477pqu 15t
aoc uqhd u3477pqu 16t
aoc uqhd u3477pqu 17t

You can also rotate the screen up to 90 degrees clockwise to place it in portrait mode (although i do believe it is a bit too long for that).



aoc uqhd u3477pqu 18t

Here you can take a better look at the 5 control buttons.



aoc uqhd u3477pqu 19t

At the rear of the U3477PQU we find 100mm x 100mm VESA holes for wall mounting along with DVI, HDMI (MHL), VGA and DisplayPort connectivity. (DVI and HDMI ports can only output up to 3440x1440 @ 30Hz while the VGA output can output only up to 2560x1080 @ 60Hz. DisplayPort v1.2 is the only way you can get all the way up to 3440x1440 @ 60Hz).



aoc uqhd u3477pqu 20t

The power plug and the power on/off switch are also placed at the rear (two 3W speakers are also placed at the rear but not visible from the exterior).



aoc uqhd u3477pqu 21t

On the rear right we see two USB 2.0 ports, two 3.0 ports (the yellow one is powered) and the USB host port.



aoc uqhd u3477pqu 22t

Little details but the base of the stand is made out of brushed aluminum and really looks great.