20 - 02 - 2018
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AOC U3477PQU WQHD 34 inch LCD Monitor Review

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   Right now 4k 2160p UHD resolution is what 2k 1080p Full HD resolution was roughly 5-6 years ago so naturally every single LCD/TFT manufacturer out there is launching models that support 4k. Just like with 1080p all LCDs and TFTs that support the new 4k 2160p resolution are obviously not created equal and thus consumers should really do their homework prior to finalizing their choice especially since 4k is relatively new in the market. On top of that we all feel that the minimum inches required to really appreciate and experience 4k in all its glory is 27 with 30+ being the ideal scenario so this is also something consumers need to take into consideration. AOC recently send us their 28 inch 4k solution which was quite good although far from being excellent mainly due to input lag during testing. Well today with us we have the latest 34 inch solution by AOC the U3477PQU WQHD Ultra High Resolution monitor.

   AOC is one of the global top brands in the display market. High quality, first-rate service, an attractive design as well as environmentally friendly and innovative products at competitive prices are the reasons why more and more consumers and distribution partners trust in AOC. The exceptionally broad product range of computer displays has won numerous awards. AOC is a subsidiary of TPV Technology Limited, the world’s largest LCD manufacturer. AOC serves the Western European, Middle East and African markets from its headquarters in Amsterdam. The Eastern European and CIS markets are served by a local office in Prague. Through its network of local sales teams AOC works with all major IT distributors and resellers.

   The U3477PQU 21:9 WQHD Ultra High Resolution monitor is the latest member in the Pro-Line by AOC and although it doesn't support 4k like the TN panel of the U2868PQU still its IPS panel with its 1440p resolution should be more than enough for its aspect ratio not to mention better in some/most areas (noticeably viewing angles, color reproduction and crispness). To get more into detail the U3477PQU actually uses an 10bit (8bit native + 2bit FRC dithering) AH-IPS panel (Advanced High Performance In-Plane Switching) with a WLED backlight rated at 320 cd/m2, 40M:1 contrast ratio, 5ms grey to grey (GTG) response time and a refresh rate of 60Hz. Now i have to admit that with all the GSync/FreeSync compatible monitors out there i too (at least at first) had my concerns regarding that last part but experience has taught me that it always comes down to just how good the monitor is overall (for example i never had that issue working with the 3090WQXi2 by NEC) so we'll see if this really affects gaming at all later on.