18 - 01 - 2018
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Das Keyboard M50 Pro Gaming Mouse Review

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You don't need the control software in order to use the "basic" functions of the M50 Pro Gaming Mouse but if you want to use everything it can offer you can get it from the official Das Keyboard / Division Zero support page as seen above.



The software may feel a bit dull but it's actually very easy to use so from the button settings tab it allows you to program all 9 buttons, change the quick DPI settings, adjust the polling rate and launch the macro manager.



From the main settings tab you can control the sensitivity of the sensor on both axis, set the pointer speed, enhance pointer precision and you can also set the speed for double click and scroll.



Since the M50 Pro only features red backlight illumination you can only adjust the pulsation speed or turn the LEDs off completely.



das keyboard m50 pro gaming mouse 18t

RGB may be very popular nowadays but the red LEDs of the M50 Pro Gaming Mouse do a very good job as you can see from the above picture.