20 - 11 - 2017
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SteelSeries Apex M500 Mechanical Pro-Gaming Keyboard Review

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   Just like the 6Gv2 the Apex M500 by SteelSeries is a no-thrills mechanical keyboard so it doesn’t feature a strange design and it lacks dedicated macro/media keys, USB ports and RGB key illumination. Because of that some people may call it boring (just like they did the 6Gv2) but personally I think that largely due to its size and “simple” design it will fit a lot easier on most desktops (gamers, enthusiasts and professionals alike) than many of the newest models in the market. Honestly I’ve never cared much about RGB key illumination, many different illumination modes, dedicated macro keys and USB ports what I care most is quality/durability and the Apex M500 excels at that. Of course key illumination is also important and that was perhaps the one thing I didn’t like with the 6Gv2 but SteelSeries did use a nice 3-stage (4 including off) blue one for the Apex M500 so it’s not like they skipped on that. Overall the feeling from the keys of the Apex M500 is extremely good and on par (if not better) with any other keyboard we’ve used with Cherry MX Red switches.

   With a current price tag set at USD98.19 inside the USA (Amazon.com) and at 105Euros inside the EU (Amazon.co.uk) the Apex M500 by SteelSeries is definitely not the lowest-cost mechanical gaming keyboard in the market and that goes double if you take into account the lack of RGB key illumination and all the other “trinkets” squeezed in many mechanical keyboards. I too believe that SteelSeries should try to lower the price of the Apex M500 (even 10% would do the trick) but overall there aren’t that many quality mechanical gaming keyboards in the market today that cost considerably less. Bottom line if you don’t care about RGB key illumination and all the various features found in other mechanical keyboards but you still care about quality then the Apex M500 Mechanical Pro-Gaming Keyboard by SteelSeries should be up to the task and that’s why it gets our Golden Award.



- Excellent Build Quality
- Cherry MX Red Mechanical Switches (50 Million Actuations)
- Per Key Illumination With 4 Stages And 2 Modes
- N-Key Rollover
- Unlimited Available Profiles
- Unlimited Macro Keys



- Minimalistic Design (For Some)
- Price (For Some)