20 - 11 - 2017
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HAVIT HV-KB378L RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard Review

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havit hv kb378l 19t
This is how the keyboard looks the moment you plug it into your USB port.



havit hv kb378l 20thavit hv kb378l 21t
Here we see the lowest and highest brightness settings (in case some of you are wondering about this).



havit hv kb378l 22thavit hv kb378l 23thavit hv kb378l 24thavit hv kb378l 26t
Some of the available colors you can use with the keys are showcased above.



havit hv kb378l 25thavit hv kb378l 27thavit hv kb378l 28thavit hv kb378l 29t
Finally we have placed some of the different modes above as well.