20 - 11 - 2017
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HAVIT HV-KB378L RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard Review

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havit hv kb378l 6t The 1117g heavy HV-KB378L measures 447.5mm in length, 217mm in width and 39.3mm in height.



havit hv kb378l 7t

HAVIT has used both aluminum for the main body of the enclosure and polished plastic for the top of the wrist rest and the higher end of the keyboard.



havit hv kb378l 8thavit hv kb378l 9t
F1 through F8 also double as multimedia keys by also pressing the FN (function) key.



havit hv kb378l 10t

F9 through F12 can also be used to launch various applications such as your email client, web browser, calculator and search command.



havit hv kb378l 12t

You can manually control the RGB illumination modes from the insert, home, page up, page down, end and delete keys.



havit hv kb378l 13t

The brightness levels can be controlled from the up and down arrow keys.



havit hv kb378l 14t

Here we see the Outemu blue RGB mechanical switches.



havit hv kb378l 15t

Taking a look at the rear of the keyboard we see 4 rubber feet and two height adjusters.



havit hv kb378l 16thavit hv kb378l 17tThese height adjusters are rubber coated on their ends and raise the top end of the keyboard roughly 14mm from the desktop.



havit hv kb378l 18t

The 1.8 meter long cable may not be braided but it ends on a gold plated USB plug.