20 - 02 - 2018
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Patriot Viper V760 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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patriot viper v760 06t

Just like most full sized keyboards the 1230g heavy Viper V760 is also not small so it measures 466mm in length, 152mm in width and 40mm in height.



patriot viper v760 07t

The enclosure is not 100% made out of aircraft grade aluminum but even so build quality is excellent.



patriot viper v760 08tpatriot viper v760 09tpatriot viper v760 10t
1 through 6 also double as media keys (Play/Pause, Previous, Next, Mute, Volume Down/Up), F1 through F5 can also be used to switch between the available profiles and finally F6 through F12 can be used to rotate between available illumination effects (the -/+ keys are also the brightness level keys).



patriot viper v760 11t

You can enable/disable game mode (windows lock) from the print screen button (you can reset the keyboard from the pause break button).



patriot viper v760 12t

The speed of the effects can be adjusted by the page up and down keys.



patriot viper v760 13t

I was surprised to see that you can also change the direction of the effects with the arrow keys (always by also using the FN key).



patriot viper v760 14t

The USB pass-through port is placed on the right front of the keyboard.



patriot viper v760 15t

At the base of the keyboard we see 5 rubber feet and two rubber coated height adjusters.



patriot viper v760 16t

These raise the keyboard roughly 13mm from the desktop.



patriot viper v760 17t

Right now i don't recall ever testing a keyboard that came with a magnetic palm wrest but this makes things extremely easy.



patriot viper v760 18t

With the palm rest attached the keyboard measures 203mm in width.



patriot viper v760 19t

Here we see the Kailh brown mechanical switches.



patriot viper v760 20t

Patriot has equipped the Viper V760 with a 1.55mm braided cable and two gold plated USB plugs (color coded according to their job - data/power).