20 - 02 - 2018
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Patriot Viper V760 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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patriot viper v760 01t

The Viper V760 is shipped inside a black and red box that has a large product picture at the front right next to the main product features and a small clear plastic opening from where you can touch the buttons.



patriot viper v760 02t

The main product features are also printed at the base of the box.



patriot viper v760 03t

Two product pictures located at the rear of the box are used to showcase its features.



patriot viper v760 04t

Inside the box instead of just a piece of cardboard and a plastic bag Patriot has also placed the keyboard inside several pieces of black foam.



patriot viper v760 05t

Along with the Viper V760 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and its palm rest you will also get a keycap puller, two case stickers and a quick start guide.