21 - 02 - 2018
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Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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blackwidow ultimate 07t

The BlackWidow Ultimate is a medium sized keyboard that measures 475mm in length, 171mm width and 30mm in height while weighing a total of 1550g.



blackwidow ultimate 08t

As you can see compared to the Professional Model S mechanical keyboard by DAS Keyboard the BlackWidow Ultimate is slightly larger (from this angle however they look the same) and comes with smaller keys.



blackwidow ultimate 09t

An illuminated Razer logo is placed at the front center of the keyboard.



blackwidow ultimate 10t

All keys are backlit and as mentioned earlier they are slightly smaller than the ones we saw with the Das Keyboard offering.



blackwidow ultimate 11t

The smaller size of the keys is because unlike the Das Keyboard Professional Model S the BlackWidow also comes with a separate line of Macro keys.



blackwidow ultimate 12t

Razer has used keys from F1 through F8 for media navigation and although these are very close to each other i had no problem using them (you need to hold the Fn keep to use them as media keys).



blackwidow ultimate 13t

F11, F12 and Pause Break can be used to turn on game mode, adjust the backlit and switch to sleep mode (always while holding the Fn key).



blackwidow ultimate 14t

As usual we decided to dig a bit and so we removed 3 of the keys to see the Cherry MX Blue switches and the backlit LEDs.



blackwidow ultimate 15t

The BlackWidow Ultimate also features a USB connector and the typical headphone and microphone ports at the right side.



blackwidow ultimate 16t

On its base the BlackWidow Ultimate has 4 small rubber feet and two stands.



blackwidow ultimate 17t

The stands keep the BlackWidow Ultimate around 14mm from the ground.



blackwidow ultimate 18t

As expected the cable of the BlackWidow Ultimate is braided.



blackwidow ultimate 19t

On the end we see two USB ports (one for the keyboard and one for extra power for the USB port) and the headphone and microphone mini-jacks all of which are gold plated.



blackwidow ultimate 20tblackwidow ultimate 21tblackwidow ultimate 22t
The blue LED backlit really looks great especially in complete darkness (the green crosshair is on once you enable gaming mode).