25 - 02 - 2018
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HyperX CLOUD Revolver S Pro Gaming Headset Review

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hyperx cloud revolver s 7t

The 360g heavy CLOUD Revolver S features an aluminum frame dressed with hard plastic (matte and glossy) and rubber.



We're not talking about the largest headset in the market but still it's a tad over medium as you can from our comparison with the Jabra REVO Wireless.



Once again the foam head we're using is not as large as your average head but it allows you to see just how the headset sits on it.



Here we can also see how the suspension construction of the headband works and just how easily it adapts to the size of your head.



HyperX has placed their logo on a rubber area on the exterior of each earcup (unfortunately there are no LEDs here).



Left and right markings are placed over both earcups as seen above.



The microphone port is placed on the lower end of the left earcup.



We've seen more flexible microphones than the one used with the CLOUD Revolver S and personally i prefer retractable ones.



Thanks to their high quality memory foam padding and their size the earpads of the CLOUD Revolver S are extremely comfortable.



The headpad is not as thick but thanks to the suspension system it too is extremely comfortable.



HyperX has placed their logo on the exterior of the headband as seen above.



Worth pointing out is that all 3.5mm plugs are gold plated (headset cable, extension cable and microphone).



From the external USB sound card (audio box) you can enable/disable Dolby Surround sound, mute/unmute the microphone and choose one of the three available equalizer presets via the three available buttons and you can also increase the volume of both the speakers and the microphone via the two knobs on the right side.



Of course there's a clip at the rear of the audio box which you can use to attach it onto for example your shirt.



The 3.5mm port is also gold plated but unfortunately the USB plug is not.