20 - 11 - 2017
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Patriot Viper V360 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset Review

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patriot viper v360 4t With a weight of just 360g the Viper V360 is far from neither the heaviest nor the largest headset to ever reach our lab.



patriot viper v360 5t

To showcase the size of the headset in our hands today we once again used the compact REVO Wireless headset by Jabra.



patriot viper v360 6t

The product line logo is printed on the exterior of both earcups and as you can all see it’s surrounded by a grille.



patriot viper v360 7t

Left and right markings are placed just over the product line logo.



patriot viper v360 8t

The pull-down (or foldable) microphone is placed at the front of the left earcup.



patriot viper v360 10tpatriot viper v360 9tAlthough the microphone is not flexible you can still pull it down up to roughly 110 degrees via 8 increments.



patriot viper v360 11t

From the rear of the left earcup you can turn on/off the ultra-bass response feature, set the volume levels and turn on/off the side LEDs.



patriot viper v360 12t

The earpads may not be the largest ever so they may not be enough to completely cover some people’s ears but they are very comfortable.



patriot viper v360 13t

Instead of a extendable headband the Viper V360 features a suspension system which not only is very comfortable but it automatically adjusts to any head type/size.



patriot viper v360 14t

Patriot has placed the product line name on the exterior of the suspension system.



patriot viper v360 15t

The 2.2 meter long braided cable ends on a gold plated USB connector/plug.



patriot viper v360 16t

We may live in the RGB era but the red LED placed on the exterior of both earcups looks nice.