18 - 11 - 2017
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Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Review

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arozzi arena gaming desk 1tarozzi arena gaming desk 2tarozzi arena gaming desk 3tThe Arena Gaming Desk arrived inside two large boxes the main box contains the metal frame, metal feet and mouse pad and weighs roughly 28Kg.



arozzi arena gaming desk 4t

As you can see packaging is perfect with each metal piece placed inside cardboard, plastic bags and surrounded by pieces of foam.



arozzi arena gaming desk 5tarozzi arena gaming desk 6tThe second box contains the three MDF boards and weighs roughly 20Kg (that's right, the entire package weighs over 47Kg).



arozzi arena gaming desk 7t

All three MDF pieces are placed in plastic bags and inside several pieces of foam.



arozzi arena gaming desk 8tarozzi arena gaming desk 9tAfter you take everything out from both boxes you will have two tall legs, two metal feet, 3 MDF boards, 6 metal rails, mouse pad, cloth net, installation instructions and 6 plastic bags with screws and anything else you will need to assemble the Arena Gaming Desk.