17 - 02 - 2018
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Tt eSPORTS X-FIT (XF100) Gaming Chair Review

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     Although the X-Fit shares many characteristics/features with the X-Comfort however thanks to its more "racing bucket" design it's aimed towards people who would like a chair to "hug" their body rather than provide the best possible comfort/padding. We actually have mixed feelings about this so we brought in some friends to also sit in the chair for a while who in the end also had mixed feelings about it. Personally I like it but I’m just 1.82m in height with a weight of roughly 85kg so “larger” friends had a bit of a problem fitting comfortably in the chair. Build quality and attention to detail however just like with the X-Comfort is superb and we still can’t figure out the why more manufacturers haven’t released models with carbon like PVC faux leather (yes simply put it’s that good). As for the rest of the features we’ve seen them time and again but just like all the other chairs with the Z-support height and tilt mechanism the X-Fit is superior to all those that come with the butterfly model.

    When you have your sights on a high-quality gaming chair like the Tt eSPORTS X-Fit you are probably well aware that it will cost quite a bit and with a current price tag set at USD349.99 inside the USA (Amazon.com) and 336Euros inside the EU (Amazon.co.uk) it does (surprisingly enough however not that more compared to even less impressive models). Personally if I had to choose between the X-Comfort and the X-Fit I have no idea which one I would cause the 1st is very comfortable whereas the 2nd looks great and almost feels like you’re sitting in a racing car seat. At the end of the day however the X-Fit (XF100) Gaming Chair by Tt eSPORTS is one impressive gaming chair and for that it gets our Golden Award.



- Excellent Build Quality (Carbon PVC Leather / Steel Frame)
- Racing Car Seat Design
- Comfortable (75Kg/M3 Foam Density)
- Z Support Mechanism (Durability / Sturdiness)
- Features (Adjustable Height / 4D Adjustable Armrests / 14 Degrees Tilt Function / 160 Degrees Backrest Adjustment)
- Head & Lower Back Removable Pillows


- Price (For Some)
- Only Available In Black (For Some)
- Size (Not For Large People)