17 - 02 - 2018
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Tt eSPORTS X-FIT (XF100) Gaming Chair Review

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tt esports x fit 23t The X-Fit is without doubt one of the best looking gaming chairs we've ever seen not only because of its carbon PVC faux leather but also because it looks exactly like a racing bucket seat.



Tt eSPORTS has placed their logo at the top of the chair (the carbon like faux leather really stands out).



Looks is not the only thing going for the PVC faux leather since its quality is only second to real leather.



The 4D armrests can extend in height from 25.5cm all the way up to 32.6cm.




Both armrests can go also forward, backwards, left, right and rotate diagonally.



Both support pillows also have the company logo on them.



Typically for such a high-end gaming chair the backrest can drop up to 160 degrees so you can rest for a while.



This is how the rear of the X-Fit looks like and as you can all see the company logo is also placed here.