20 - 11 - 2017
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AK Racing Prime Gaming Chair Review

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   Although the Prime gaming chair by AK Racing has been at my place for over a week now with very good results (my cats keep scratching but the fabric cover almost ignores them completely, at least for now) i still don't know why manufacturers are not producing more such models (the Prime was the only one featuring fabric cover among the 30 models I checked online from 4 different manufacturers). Now i do realize that synthetic PU leather looks and even feels better but in all likelihood it's nowhere near as durable as fabric and although real leather might just be able to compete with it all such models currently in the market cost almost twice (in some cases even more) than what AK Racing asks for the Prime model. With that out of the way if you've read our Nitro and Premium V2 gaming chair reviews then you may be happy know that the Prime feels even sturdier (perhaps because of the fabric cover?) and provides the same exact back and neck support. Quality is also very good (i didn't expect it to be this good) but as mentioned many times earlier synthetic PU leather seems and feels more "elegant" (not to mention colors are slightly more vibrant) so if you don't have any pets you may want to opt for that instead.

   Fabric as expected has a lower cost attached to it than synthetic PU leather so currently the Prime gaming chair by AK Racing costs 249Euros (directly from AK Racing) meaning 30Euros less than the Nitro model. Which one do I like more? Well for me since I have 3 cats at home it’s not really a matter of appearances but a matter of durability and since real leather gaming chairs usually surpass the 500Euros mark the Prime is the next best thing. Still if I didn’t have any pets at home I’d probably opt for the Nitro since it does look better overall (even if just slightly) and it’s not that far away in terms of price. Still the Prime has solved a problem I’ve had for many years now and since it shares the same features as the Nitro and Premium V2 models it also gets our Golden Award.



- Very Good Build Quality (Fabric Cover / Steel Frame)
- Design (Racing Car Seat)
- Comfortable
- Features (Adjustable Backrest / Height Adjustable Armrests / 12 Degrees Tilt Function / 180 Degrees Backrest Adjustment)
- Head & Lower-Back Removable Pillows
- Available Color Selection
- Ideal For Places With Pets (Compared To Synthetic PU Leather Models)



- Price (For Some)
- Armrests (Could Use More Padding)
- Fabric Not As Elegant As Synthetic PU Leather