23 - 10 - 2017
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Seagate Backup Plus 5TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive Review

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seagate backup plus 5tb 6t

The backup plus 5TB portable hard drive is identical to the 4TB model so it measures just 114.5mm in length, 76mm in width and 20.35mm in height.



seagate backup plus 5tb 7tseagate backup plus 5tb 8tIn order to showcase its rather compact enclosure we placed the backup plus 5TB next to the armor A80 2TB by Silicon Power.



seagate backup plus 5tb 9tseagate backup plus 5tb 10t
Once again the new Seagate logo is located on the right lower corner while the white activity LED is placed on the top left corner.



seagate backup plus 5tb 11t

The USB 3.0 host port is placed at the front of the drive.



seagate backup plus 5tb 12tseagate backup plus 5tb 13tThe new Seagate logo is once again engraved at the base of the enclosure right next to the sticker which contains the product and serial numbers along with their barcodes and country of manufacture.



seagate backup plus 5tb 14t

Here we see the brand new 15mm thick Barracuda ST5000LM000 2.5” SATA III drive which is placed inside the backup plus 5TB model.