20 - 01 - 2018
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Patriot SuperSonic Magnum 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review

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   Have you ever had the feeling that no matter how much available space you carry around with you it's just never enough when the time comes to actually put it to good use? Well to be entirely honest i have felt that quite a few times in my life but what's really even more annoying is to have plenty of available storage space with you only to find out that there's not enough speed to make use of it all in the time window that you have. The introduction of USB 3.0 a few years back was a step towards the right direction since in theory it's up to 10 times faster than the older USB 2.0 but to date with the exception of portable SSDs there aren't really many storage related media that come even close to its possible data transfer speeds and that includes the majority of USB 3.0 compatible flash drives in the market. Well Patriot Memory wants to change or at least improve on that and so their latest SuperSonic Magnum USB 3.0 Flash Drive line doesn't only offer capacities up to 256GB but it's also pretty much as fast as it gets (at least currently).


   Established in 1985, Patriot Memory builds a full range of memory module and flash memory products, offering a perfect blend of quality and value. Patriot products include Extreme Performance (EP), Signature Lines (SL) and Flash Memory solutions (FM). Commitment, focus on innovation in technology, product quality, and customer satisfaction are the key enablers of our future success. Patriot's development and manufacturing facility are located in Fremont, California USA and Taipei, Taiwan. Our manufacturing segment is composed of a highly skilled production staff and multiple production lines optimized for modules, giving Patriot the ability and resources necessary to provide a full line of memory module solutions. We understand the value of designing and responding quickly and intelligently to the rapid changes inherent in the memory module industry. This commitment to R&D enables us to deliver the best quality memory modules powered by the latest innovative technology.


   Unfortunately we were unable to secure the highest capacity variant of the brand new SuperSonic Magnum line as many of you have requested but we did manage to get hold of the 64GB variant which should be just slightly slower compared to its larger brother. With that out of the way specs-wise the SuperSonic Magnum may not be unique but thanks to its 8-channel NAND flash controller that allows it to reach data transfer speeds of up to 260MB/s read and 160MB/s write it's a lot faster than the majority of the USB flash drives currently out in the market since we've seen only a handful of models that can achieve similar speeds. This time over however Patriot went with an aluminum housing for the drive and although it looks and feels very nice still I’d like to have the extra protection that only a rugged rubber exterior can offer even if it never comes in handy. That being said I’m very curious to see if the SuperSonic Magnum 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive can leave up to the official measurements by our friends over at Patriot Memory so let's check it out.