20 - 01 - 2018
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Mach Xtreme MX-FX 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review

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   USB Flash Drives have been around for almost 13 years now and according to some people they were the stepping stone on which solid state drives were eventually developed for consumer use (although SSDs in general have been around for much longer). Naturally however since solid state drives either use SATA or PCIex connectivity they are quite faster than even the fastest USB flash drive and although in "theory" the specifications of USB 3.0 come really close in the end we may never see USB 3.0 based flash drives with speeds exceeding 350-400MB/s. Still it's very rare to come across a USB 3.0 based flash drive with speeds exceeding the 200MB/s mark and to my knowledge there are just a handful of drive models currently in the market that can achieve that number mostly manufactured from Kingston and Corsair. Well it seems that Mach Xtreme (MX-Technology) is also ready to jump on the same wagon with their latest MX-FX USB 3.0 flash drives.


   Mach Xtreme Technology is a newly established Company since January 2010 constructed of a combination of elite professionals who have had years of exceptional exposure and involvement in the IT industry. Our dedicated team has expert knowledge covering all aspects of the IT industry and more specifically in development of innovative products along with aggressive marketing and effective distribution. MX-Technology achieves the highest performance possible through it's continuous research & development which ensures rapid advancements of SSD, memory and Flash drives. MX-Technology enable their customers to achieve maximum efficiency with matching performance to make time spent on work more convenient and productive. MX-Technology is the first computer hardware company in the world to join force with renowned world class artist to generate unique and stylish representation of Mach Xtreme. The first artist to work with Mach Xtreme is a genius graffiti artist from Europe named "Does". MX-Technology through their full dedication and commitment, it's users will be able to continually enjoy the latest high performance products with ultimate reliability at a competitive price point.


   It's been almost two years since i last got my hands on a product by MX-Technology (the Turbo DS 120GB SSD) so when we received their MX-FX product release email quite recently and went over the R/W performance of the drive we were somewhat intrigued as we were also by its rather unique design. You see there aren't really that many USB flash drive manufacturers out there who spend time and resources to create something that can go up against super-fast solutions by Kingston and Corsair so when we get that feeling about one such product naturally we want to put it to the test. So according to MX-Technology the MX-FX 32GB USB Flash Drive can achieve read speeds of up to 125MB/s and write speeds of up to 80MB/s numbers which normally aren't remarkable but as you all know most of the times we get quite faster results than the ones reported by manufacturers and the same turned out to be the case with the MX-FX 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive.