21 - 02 - 2018
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ROCCAT Savu Mid-Size Hybrid Gaming Mouse Review

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roccat savua   Although once upon a time (roughly 2 decades ago) most of us used OEM keyboards and mouse sets (and were quite content) nowadays there are more of those products in the market than one can count aimed mostly towards gamers and professionals who require the highest possible accuracy and speed. Still the sheer number of such solutions currently available in the market along with their specifications and designs make it quite impossible for anyone to make the right choice so personally i choose to trust just a handful of all the PC peripheral manufacturers out (namely the proven ones) there and naturally ROCCAT is amongst them. So for the past 2 weeks we've been rather thoroughly testing their latest Savu Gaming Mouse which although not the best in their gaming mouse line still it proved to be more than a decent solution for people who are not after the best possible performance.


   ROCCAT is the snow storm to the gaming industry. Everything called gaming before needs to be redefined. You will enter a world in which three attributes will keep you on the right path: alliance, independence and truth. DO IT YOUR OWN WAY AND DON'T TALK SHIT – this is the statement ROCCAT follows. The ROCCATEERS can be found all over the world. And it was a revelation which led them together to energize the crucial benefit. The lake Inari long kept the secret our ROCCAT scientists call "Aimo". With every ROCCAT tool you will more and more internalize its Energy. Become part of our alliance.


   As mentioned the new Savu gaming mouse may not be on top of the ROCCAT food chain (short of speak) but compared to the quite older Kova/+ gaming mice we liked it quite a bit more thanks to its performance, design and features. So what does the new Savu offer in terms of specifications and features? Well first of all it sports an 4000DPI pro optic (R3) sensor (60IPS, 20G, 1000MHz poll), comes with a total of 6 buttons (5 can be remapped), features Easy-Shift[+] technology, has no-sweat side grips (for improved handling) and finally it has a rear light bar which can light up with any of the 16.8 million colors available. The only thing missing from the Savu (quite strange) is the DPI selection button/switch something which has become a standard for gaming mice over the years. That aside it’s time to put the latest Savu to the test and see just how good the latest product by ROCCAT really is.