21 - 02 - 2018
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Devolo dLAN 500 AVPlus Starter Kit Review

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   Most of us are well aware that the majority of hotels around the globe use Wi-Fi to provide their customers with internet access. However just recently i stayed on the 3rd floor of a hotel which used Powerline adapters instead of the usual Wi-Fi something which really surprised me since the cost of having at least one Powerline adapter in each room (that particular hotel had 6 floors with 8 rooms on each) is naturally a lot higher than using a couple of Wi-Fi signal boosters/repeaters on each floor. It seems however that Powerline adapters have become quite popular lately amongst home users as well (judging by your feedback) and so one of our goals will be to build a long performance database with as many Powerline adapter models possible by the leading manufacturers in the field. So today we will be taking a look at yet another Powerline adapter kit and specifically the dLAN 500 AVPlus starter kit by devolo.


   devolo AG is the leading European company on the market in Powerline communication solutions. The company's core product is dLAN®, a technology that allows flexible networks via existing wiring like electrical and coaxial lines. Powerline solutions are employed in private households as well as commercial environments and they lead the way in future-oriented energy data distribution and home automation. devolo invests its development resources into improving dLAN® technology through its own patented solutions. The globally operating company has been the world market leader in the Powerline segment since 2009. Numerous top-product test reviews and distinctions, not to mention over 16 million shipped adapters, substantiate devolo's success. Through sustainable market practices, devolo upholds its responsibility to customers, employees and the environment.


   Devolo may not be amongst the most well-known manufacturers in the field of network peripherals but I’ve come across their name quite a few times in my life (mostly in enterprise environments) and judging by the quality of materials used with the dLAN 500 AVPlus starter kit i finally know why. Specs wise the dLAN 500 AVPlus Powerline adapter follows the latest standards and so not only can it achieve maximum speeds of up to 500Mbps but also comes with an integrated electrical socket so you don't have to worry about losing one in the process. The dLAN 500 AVPlus is the 5th 500Mbps Powerline kit to reach our test bench so without further delay (since we're also curious) let's see just how well it does compared to the other 4.