21 - 02 - 2018
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Sandberg 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub Review

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   Each day that goes by more and more people i know either upgrade their systems with USB 3.0 compatible mainboards or choose the quite cheaper and easier path which is simply to install a PCIex USB 3.0 card. However it is because of that exact reason that many people keep asking me about which USB 3.0 hubs they should turn to in order to multiply their USB 3.0 ports without sacrificing speed. Now surprisingly enough most of the really popular and large manufacturers have yet to release USB 3.0 compatible hubs (for unknown reasons) however there are many such products in the market currently manufactured by smaller companies and the 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub we have here by Sandberg is one the those.


   Sandberg A/S is a Danish company with a clear ideology: We want to make it easier to get hold of computer accessories. Everyone should be able to find the right accessories in the shop and get them to work once they've got them home without the need for specialist knowledge. The basic idea of Sandberg wanting to make things easier for both consumers and dealers has imbued the spirit of everything that Sandberg has done since 1985, when the company was founded by the two brothers Martin Hollerup and Erling Hoff Petersen.


   Come to think of it i was actually asked the same question (which USB 3.0 hub is best) for the first time roughly 5 months ago and so shortly after i managed to get the two latest USB 3.0 hubs to hit the market by Syba and Rosewill and placed them against each other to see which was better. Differences between USB 3.0 hubs are not usually not significant but since todays review is also about a USB 3.0 hub i thought it would be appropriate to compare it with the previous two but to do that all 3 hubs needed to be tested on the latest primary X79 test rig since the last comparison was done on our now secondary X58 test rig. Yes it would be possible to perform this comparison with our secondary test rig but i thought it would be best for every review related with performance numbers to be done on the X79 platform. However my assessment wasn't right on the spot so read on if you want to see why that was.