18 - 11 - 2017
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Leetgion Hellion Gaming Mouse Review

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leetgion helliosa

   Being amongst the very first people on the planet to put a hardware component, peripheral or gadget to the test is something i always considered to be special and that's mainly the reason behind the many worldwide first reviews I’ve performed in the past. Of course this has nothing to do with me feeling special and such but rather with the fact that being amongst the first to actually see and use a finished product allows you to discover bugs which in turn can be fixed by the manufacturer without reaching the end user, or at least not many end users and that gives me plenty of satisfaction. Today we will be the first to take a look at the brand new Hellion gaming mouse designed and manufactured by a new kid (manufacturer) on the block called Leetgion.


   Leetgion is composed of two words Leet + Legion. The word leet is an internet phrase derived from the word “Elite.” Often used as describing an individual or feet of superior skill or prowess. Legion, refers to a large military force or group. Our self-given description of the word Leetgion is: A group of elite individuals fighting alongside each other, conquering all that stands before them. Leetgion began in early 2010, originating from Thermalright, a company with over a decade of experience in top end, world class thermal solutions for PC enthusiasts. With our long involvement with PC enthusiasts and often PC gamers, we had a vision of expanding our product line for the PC gaming community, to deliver our expertise in quality and design. Gamers and PC enthusiasts know exactly know what they want, and don’t except compromises. Many will even choose to modify their equipment, overclock their PC systems just to get the exact performance they want. They praise the top custom modders, and never back down from challenges. That’s also the mentality here at Leetgion we deliver only the best no compromises. Our goal is simple, to provide the best in both quality and innovation. We’ll go the lengths of using nothing but the best components and technology to match our quality standards. We are not afraid of thinking outside of the box, and putting a spin to the standard. Leetgion understands that in the end it is the user that wins games, what we want is to let our peripherals be an extension of the user, to combine technology and human control.


   Be Leet, Game Hard is Leetgions modo and as mentioned in their about they originate from our good old friends over at Thermalright. Certainly entering the gaming peripherals market is a long way from manufacturing some of the world’s top CPU Coolers but knowing Thermalright this shouldn't be a problem, at least not in the long run and the Hellion is proof for that since it not only performs great and has a number of impressive features (5000DPI laser sensor, Cherry-MX Blue mechanical switch, Japanese switches by Omron, dedicated attack button, profile switch wheel, 16.8 million color illumination) but its design also looks a lot like Legion from Mass Effect 2/3 (Leetgion/Legion coincidence?) and at least for an Mass Effect fan such as myself that automatically means extra bonus points. However the Hellion was not designed with shooters (1st/3rd person) in mind but RTS games and more specifically StarCraft II.


Posted: 5 years 6 months ago by makemesmile #92
makemesmile's Avatar
it looks like a great product, i'm gonna keep my eyes open to try it

and many thanks for supporting starcraft 2 leetgion
Posted: 5 years 6 months ago by freedom #70
NikKTech's Avatar
Yes najRazaele but why would anyone switch a profile while in the same game ?
Posted: 5 years 6 months ago by najRazaele #66
najRazaele's Avatar
Correct me if I'm wrong but you have to flip the mouse over to change profiles?
Posted: 5 years 6 months ago by freedom #62
NikKTech's Avatar
I would like it more if it was a bit heavier but still it's a very good gaming mouse.
Posted: 5 years 6 months ago by grayhoose #61
grayhoose's Avatar
it does look an perform badd A$$