21 - 11 - 2017
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CM STORM TRIGGER Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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   As already mentioned we used the TRIGGER for a total of 7 days and so after using it to play Aliens Colonial Marines, Planetside 2, Dragonborn DLC (for The Elder Scrolls V SKYRIM) and the closed beta of WARFRAME i can say that the TRIGGER is one of the best mechanical keyboards I’ve personally used to date and i feel that's largely due to the Cherry MX Red switches used since they may not be as inaudible as membrane ones but they are very easy to press and provide smooth feedback when doing so. My only concern is with the key caps since at least in our sample some showed signs of wear right from the box and that shouldn't be the case with any keyboard out there least of all with a mechanical one that costs quite a bit. As for the control software well it's quite easy to use when you get to know it but i would like to be able to adjust the backlighting options from within as well.


   One of the things i like about Cooler Master in general is that they don't over-price their products (aside a few exceptions) and luckily for consumers the same applies for CM STORM since the TRIGGER with Cherry MX Red Switches is currently being sold for USD94.99 inside the USA (Amazon) and at around 110Euros inside the EU. Now the reason we specify that this is the price for the TRIGGER with Cherry MX Red switches (SGK-6000-GKCR1) is because the Cherry MX Black and Brown variants cost quite a bit more (around USD20/20Euros) while the Cherry MX Blue variant costs just a tad less (around USD10/10Euros). Overall CM STORM has designed and manufactured a very sturdy mechanical keyboard and although not perfect it does come with a very good price/quality/performance ratio and that's why it gets our Golden Award. 



- Build Quality
- Cherry MX Red Switches (Gamer Oriented)
- 2 USB Ports
- Detachable USB Cable
- Gold Plated Braided USB Cable
- Backlighting (2 Basic Modes)
- Control Software
- 64KB Macro And Profile Memory
- DC Power Port (For Extra Power)
- Price (For Some)




- Key Cap Quality (Our Sample)
- Single USB Connector (DC power adapter required for extra USB power)