24 - 11 - 2017
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CM STORM TRIGGER Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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cm storm trigger 06t

Without the detachable wrist rest the TRIGGER is quite small and measures just 475mm in length, 162mm in width and 25mm in height with a weight of 1260g.



cm storm trigger 07t
cm storm trigger 08t

Two things catch your eyes when you first see the TRIGGER, the company name placed above the Num/caps/scroll LED indicators and their logo placed right next to the esc key.



cm storm trigger 09t

The five dedicated macro keys are placed vertically on the far left side.



cm storm trigger 10t

The F1-F4 keys are used to enable and adjust the levels of the backlighting (always while pressing the FN key).



cm storm trigger 11tcm storm trigger 12t
From F5 and up to F11 CM STORM has placed the media/volume control keys (again used by pressing the FN key at the same time).



cm storm trigger 13t

Right in front of the company name we see two USB 2.0 ports, the micro-USB port used for the detachable USB cable and an extra DC power input in case you need the extra juice for more demanding USB peripherals (to use you need to purchase an separate DC power adapter).



cm storm trigger 14t

Turning the keyboard over we see 6 rubber feet, 2 height adjusters and the CM STORM name.



cm storm trigger 15t

Naturally since the TRIGGER is a rather small keyboard the height adjusters can't do miracles but we didn't come across any issues while using it.



cm storm trigger 16t

Cherry MX Red switches were first introduced in late 2008 and although their production was halted in mid-2010 many manufacturers are still using them since they are perhaps the most ideal switch for gamers since they require less power than for example the Cherry MX Black switches making them a lot smoother and faster when pressed.



cm storm trigger 17t

With the wrist rest mounted the width of the TRIGGER extends to 240mm.



cm storm trigger 18tcm storm trigger 19t
There are two basic backlighting modes available by default, the first lights up just the CM STORM logo and the macro/WASD/arrow keys while the second lights up all keys.