18 - 11 - 2017
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CM STORM TRIGGER Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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cm storm trigger 01t

CM STORM uses a rather long yet compact cardboard box to ship the TRIGGER in with a large product image at the front, the Cherry MX keys used (depends on the version) and a small window allowing a quick glance at some of the keys.



cm storm trigger 02t

At the top we see yet another product image, this time however it showcases the USB ports, micro-USB port and the extra DC power at the front end of the keyboard.



cm storm trigger 03t

The features are written at the rear in 8 languages and are also showcased with the help of three small pictures.



cm storm trigger 04t

As you can see CM STORM has used two black Styrofoam spacers to keep the keyboard fixed in position.



cm storm trigger 05t

The box contains the main keyboard, a detachable wrist rest, quickstart guide, braided USB cable with gold plated connectors and a small paper indicating that you should visit the CM STORM support page for product updates.