21 - 02 - 2018
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Airlive N.Plug One Touch Wireless Repeater Review

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      Although I’ve always preferred wired connections over wireless ones (mainly because of security issues) i can't deny that i have used Wi-Fi wireless points numerous times while on the go with my smartphone mostly. However regardless of how much practical wireless networks are they do have certain drawbacks and so aside the already mentioned security ones which can prove quite bad for people working with sensitive data signal range and quality are also two issues that can't really be ignored. Many manufacturers have tried to partially correct that issue by adding more antennas onto their wireless modem/routers and there have also been quite a few improvements in wireless standards during the past decade (from 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, to the latest 802.11n) but unfortunately signal range is still an important issue. Repeaters (also known as extenders) like the N.Plug One Touch Wireless Repeater by Airlive which we have here with us today have been around for many years and aim to boost the signal strength (range) of any Wi-Fi enabled modem/router without much effort.


   The manufacturer of AirLive products, OvisLink Corp. was founded in 1993 in Taiwan by a group of industrial experts who set out to provide the best combination of quality, service, technology and value in the industry. Today, OvisLink Corp. is an international corporation, total networking solution provider with over 200 products and with hundreds of distributors around the world. Their industry technology leadership is indisputable since OvisLink Corp. was the first company in Taiwan to introduce Fast-Ethernet NICs and Switches when IEEE 802.3u standard was established in 1996. Moreover, OvisLink Corp. entered the WLAN market in 2001 with the AirLive™ series and became the major provider of wireless solutions. In 2004, the WMU-9000VPN multimedia router won the Best of Computex award for its excellent multi-function capability. When you choose OvisLink Corp. as a partner, you can be sure that they will provide you with the latest innovative solutions. AirLive™ is a brand providing Innovation, Solutions, Reliability and Technology. AirLive’s R&D department continuously focuses its efforts on developing the right products including AirLive™ WISP and Outdoor solutions, AirLive™ SMB and Security solutions and AirLive™ Small Office and Home products. These products represent brilliant value for enterprises, business professionals, Internet Service Providers, small businesses and consumers because of their outstanding price/performance ratio.


   To make things easier for some people to understand wireless repeaters/extenders are basically devices that bridge the gap between two hosts (computer-modem/Router) when they are too far apart for a direct connection. That also means that they can be used to boost a weak signal which is also the most common usage we encounter in hotels, cafeterias, homes and offices. Of course there are many different types of wireless repeaters/extenders in the market from cost effective ones ideal for home and office use up to incredibly expensive ones which are able to transmit a wireless signal over a range of several kilometers. The N.Plug One Touch Wireless Repeater by Airlive is an extremely easy to use, cost effective, wireless-N compatible repeater/router/access point and we're here to take it for a spin.