20 - 01 - 2018
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Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate G3 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review

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dta ultimate g3 64gbb

   Although the DataTraveler Ultimate G2 was and still is a good flash drive with good read/write speeds it has but one single flaw and that is its hard plastic and rather bulky casing. Well thanks to a retractable design casing made primarily by metal, a new controller and new flash memory chips the Ultimate G3 is not only almost twice as fast compared to its predecessor but it also looks and feels a lot better. I have to say that i was slightly surprised to see that Kingston used the same (more or less) casing for both the Ultimate G3 and the massive PREDATOR (i would expect something unique for a 512GB/1TB drive) but for owners of the Ultimate G3 that's a very good thing. The only downside i can think of is the exposed USB connector at all times (its front anyways) so one day i hope that manufacturers can come up with a way to solve this (and why not even make such drives water/dust proof while they are at it).


   With a current price tag set at USD77.99 inside the USA (Amazon) and at around 70Euros inside the EU the DataTraveler Ultimate G3 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive costs almost 20% less than the quite faster DataTraveler HyperX 64GB so i think that the price right. Honestly there's not much else to say, the Ultimate G3 scored very high read/write speeds in every benchmark we used, is almost entirely made by metal, sports a retractable design and is priced right. Of course the fact that it's not the faster USB 3.0 Flash Drive around may disappoint some enthusiasts and professionals alike, as for us well we are happy to give it our Golden Award. 


- Build Quality
- Metal Casing
- Read/Write Speeds
- Retractable Design
- Price (For Some)




- None