21 - 11 - 2017
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Silicon Power Armor A15 1TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive Review

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sp a15 phd 05t

The Armor A15 features a sleek black/UV green rubber enclosure measuring 136mm in length, 82.5mm in width and 19.8mm in height and weighs a total of 200g.



sp a15 phd 06t

The quick backup button is placed at the lower left side and is also an HDD activity LED.



sp a15 phd 07t

Unfortunately the USB 3.0 host port is exposed and that reduces the water-resistant ability of the A15.



sp a15 phd 08t

Some certification and warning logos are placed at the rear right above the country of manufacture.



sp a15 phd 09t

The model capacity is also placed at the rear but not very easy to spot at first glance.



sp a15 phd 10t

Just like the Armor A80 the A15 also features the ST1000LM024 2.5" HDD by Seagate/Samsung (SATA 3.0 Gbps/8MB Buffer/5400RPM/Avg Seek time: 12ms/Avg Latency: 5.6ms).



sp a15 phd 11t

The quick backup button/activity LED lights up blue when you start using the drive.




You can use the quick backup button with the free SP Widget (downloadable from Silicon Power) which allows you to backup pretty much everything from your computer onto the USB drive with or without Data encryption.




The SP Widget also provides information regarding the drive that can come in handy.