24 - 11 - 2017
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G-Technology G-DRIVE 4TB Professional High Performance External HDD Review

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   Much like its predecessor (USB 2.0 model) the latest USB 3.0 compatible G-DRIVE had no problem outperforming the competition and in some cases even with a performance gap of up to 32%. Now i agree that G-Technology may not be amongst the most popular storage related brand names in the market (at least not currently) but that mostly applies to casual users, gamers and enthusiasts since virtually every professional I’ve asked in the past only had the best things to say about them and why not when they make some of the finest (quality-wise) and fastest (as proven time and again) external HDD enclosures in the market? On top of that let's not forget that G-Technology is a subsidiary of HGST and we all know that their drives aside being extremely fast also have a near perfect track record across the globe so what more can one ask from an external HDD?


   G-Technology designs and manufacturers external HDD enclosures aimed at professionals who require the highest quality and data transfer speeds so they really don't come cheap. More specifically as we speak the G-DRIVE 4TB USB 3.0 Professional External Drive retails at around USD330 inside the USA (Amazon) and 330Euros inside the EU so you pretty much get what you pay for and that is a superb quality enclosure paired with super-fast USB 3.0/FW400/FW800 connectivity and an high end HDD with a huge capacity like the Deskstar 7k4000 SATA III 4TB. Of course i would like to see an Ultrastar 7K4000 inside the G-DRIVE but that would increase the cost a lot and for an external HDD you don't really need the extreme quality of an enterprise class HDD. Naturally because of all of the above the G-DRIVE 4TB USB 3.0 Professional External Drive by G-Technology walks away with our Platinum award.




- Superior Build Quality (Aluminum Enclosure/Deskstar 7K4000)
- Excellent Performance
- Low Temperatures (Aluminum Perforated Body/Integrated Heatsink)
- Connectivity (USB 3.0/FW400/FW800)
- Capacity (4TB)
- 3 Years Warranty




- Price (For Some)