23 - 10 - 2017
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Tt eSPORTS Level 10 M Gaming Mouse Review

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ttesports level 10m 08t

The Level 10 M Gaming Mouse is primarily made by Aluminum but it has a few plastic parts and a rubber coating at the top for improved grip.



ttesports level 10m 09tttesports level 10m 10t
As you can see its medium sized just like the El'Druin MMORG Gaming Mouse by Leetgion (they are the same even in height).



ttesports level 10m 11tttesports level 10m 12t
A DPI/Profile selection 4-way pad (Z-Button) along with two buttons and the Tt eSPORTS logo are placed at the left side.



ttesports level 10m 13t

At the rear we see degree markings, more about this later on.



ttesports level 10m 14t

The first Allen bolt is placed at the top of the Level 10 M Gaming Mouse.



ttesports level 10m 15tttesports level 10m 16t
By using that bolt you can adjust the height of the unit (above you can see the Level 10 M at its lowest and highest points compared to the El’Druin).



ttesports level 10m 17t

The perforated section placed at the top of the unit can help reduce hand temperatures especially after prolonged use.



ttesports level 10m 18t

Two more buttons and a second Allen bolt are present at the right side.



ttesports level 10m 19tttesports level 10m 20tttesports level 10m 21t
As showcased above by using this bolt you can change the angle of the entire top end.



ttesports level 10m 22t

The DPI level LEDs are placed right on the front right button.



ttesports level 10m 23t

The scroll wheel is not only very quiet when used but also very responsive.



ttesports level 10m 24t

Another nice touch i found on the Level 10 M is that the aluminum base extends a bit to provide better support the braided cable.



ttesports level 10m 25t

At the base we see two large Teflon feet and two smaller ones.



ttesports level 10m 26t

By default the 8200DPI Laser sensor used in the Level 10 M has 4 presets up to 5000DPI (800/1600/3200/5000DPI) but you can get up to 8200DPI via the control software.



ttesports level 10m 27t

Gold plated USB plugs are not something new but this is the first time I’ve seen a protective cap with such a product.