23 - 10 - 2017
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Leetgion El'Druin RPG Gaming Mouse Review

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   As many of you are aware we were all caught off guard when recently Scythe one of the oldest CPU Cooler manufacturers ceased operations in the USA (and perhaps globally as well although i hope that's not the case). Personally i think that this was the result of them expanding their product line to several other areas other than just CPU coolers including speakers, amplifiers, power supply units and many other peripherals for computers. Luckily that is not the case with other manufacturers such as Thermalright since they have proven extremely careful when expanding into other areas and the success of their Leetgion brand is an example. Now most of you know that we were the first to make the upcoming El'Druin RPG Gaming mouse up for grabs roughly a month ago and naturally we couldn't give away something we hadn't test ourselves first.


   Leetgion began in early 2010, originating from Thermalright, a company with over a decade of experience in top end, world class thermal solutions for PC enthusiasts. With our long involvement with PC enthusiasts and often PC gamers, we had a vision of expanding our product line for the PC gaming community, to deliver our expertise in quality and design. Leetgion is composed of two words Leet + Legion. The word leet is an internet phrase derived from the word “Elite.” Often used as describing an individual or feet of superior skill or prowess. Legion refers to a large military force or group. Our self-given description of the word Leetgion is: A group of elite individuals fighting alongside each other, conquering all that stands before them. Our goal is simple, to provide the best in both quality and innovation. We’ll go the lengths of using nothing but the best components and technology to match our quality standards. We are not afraid of thinking outside of the box, and putting a spin to the standard. Leetgion understands that in the end it is the user that wins games, what we want is to let our peripherals be an extension of the user, to combine technology and human control.


   The first gaming mouse released by Leetgion was the quite perfect (although weird looking) Hellion which proved to be ideal for fast passed games (for example FPS) mainly thanks to its fast speed and great accuracy. However the Hellion lacked one thing and that was the number of buttons we find in other MMO targeted gaming mice (like the Razer Naga HEX) which is mainly why Leetgion started working on the El'Druin even before they released the Hellion model to manufacturing. However unlike other similar products Leetgion did not actually use several buttons but instead they used a 5way thumb SPAD. Certainly the name El'Druin given to the product by Leetgion points to RPG games and not MMOs (Diablo fans know this well) and so it's no surprise that they have classified it as an RPG Gaming Mouse. So how does the end result compare to other similar gaming mice in the market? Well that's what we're here to find out.