23 - 11 - 2017
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Das Keyboard Professional Model S Mechanical Keyboard Review

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   As many of you have noticed (and some have even emailed us about it - keep doing that, it helps us to know what people want to see reviewed) we haven't really focused on keyboard reviews lately mostly because there aren't really that many new ones out there to review, at least not from known and/or respected manufacturers. However because many of you have asked we went ahead and gathered quite a few here (rather new models) which we've been testing for the past month or so. Now some of you may recall that when we reviewed the STRIKE 7 gaming keyboard by Mad Catz i pointed out that we would be bringing more reviews surrounding mechanical keyboards in the near future. Well the time has come and so today with us we have the latest professional grade mechanical keyboard by DAS KEYBOARD the Professional Model S.


   In 2005, in a personal quest to improve his own typing speed and accuracy, Metadot founder and self-proclaimed “Uber Geek” Daniel Guermeur (follow @supercobra) asked to have a totally blank keyboard created. To his surprise, his typing speed doubled after just a few weeks of use. As many friends and colleagues who tested the keyboard were mesmerized and wanted one, the business potential became obvious, and Das Keyboard was born. The keyboard was spruced up with precision and individually weighted keys, Birgit Schroeder undertook the mission of bringing it to market a few months later. It was an instant success, especially among techno-elitists searching for the latest and greatest way to differentiate themselves from mere “techie” mortals. It also became popular within the education sector as schools and universities looked for more effective ways to teach typing. In 2006 an enhanced version of Das Keyboard was released. Still completely blank, the Das Keyboard II featured high-end gold-plated mechanical key switches. Reminiscent of the well-known and loved IBM Model M Keyboard, the Das Keyboard II was more responsive than the first model and generated a distinct “click” with each keystroke, quickly establishing it as “the keyboard that clicks.” Like its predecessor, the Das Keyboard II was a hit among gadget gurus, gizmo elitists and touch-typers who required speed and reliability. In 2008 the makers of Das Keyboard decided to upgrade the keyboard again. Their goal was to make the best keyboard on the planet. The result: the Das Keyboard Professional with traditional key markings and the Das Keyboard Ultimate with blank keys. With the introduction of its first keyboard with key inscriptions, the Professional, Das Keyboard expanded its market beyond the Uber Geek segment to include anyone who spends significant time on a computer and wants an enhanced typing experience. Featuring mechanical key switches, n-key rollover functionality, a USB hub, and a longer (6.6-foot) cable, the Das Keyboard Professional and Ultimate offer a new and unique tactile experience that takes keyboarding to a whole new level. Das Keyboard is now available with or without inscriptions to all who want the nirvana of typing experiences.


   Das Keyboard is a name I’ve heard a few times during the past 4 years but it wasn't until quite recently that even people close to me started talking about them so naturally they got my attention and so it didn't take long for their Professional Model S mechanical keyboard to get delivered to us. Now at first glance the Professional Model S looks like yet another average, low-cost keyboard much like the countless ones out there in the market that offer basic functionality and don't really last that long. However it the moment you either lift the keyboard or just press one of its keys you will just know that this is no ordinary everyday keyboard. Of course as Das Keyboard mentions quite a few times in their website their keyboards make a distinct click sound with each keystroke and although some people may find it somewhat annoying we really liked that and to my knowledge so do most professionals out there who type a lot.