24 - 11 - 2017
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EPSON Stylus SX535WD All-In-One Wi-Fi Printer Review

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   Although my job has allowed me to test and review well over 700 products from both the general electronics industry and of course the computer hardware industry during these last 5 years i can't really say i am an expert in everything related with those two so there are quite a few product categories in the industry which unfortunately i haven't mastered since they haven't really passed through my crosshairs, at least not yet. One such category is printers, scanners, fax machines and of course all-in-one systems which can not only replace everything mentioned prior but will also require much less space on your desk and will probably cost less as well. EPSON is one of the oldest and most recognized manufacturers worldwide and although their product lines are not only limited to printers, fax machines and scanners still todays review is focused on one of their latest all-in-one units, the Stylus SX535WD.


   Since its inception, Epson has passed down and expanded on its traditional strengths as a manufacturing company. Refining the company's super-microprocessing and precision processing technologies in the development of its watches and then expanding those technologies into other fields led to rapid progress. The breakthrough came with the launch of the EP-101 (Electronic Printer), a popular and groundbreaking product that opened up new markets. It was in the hope of sending future "sons" of this EP out into the world that the Epson brand was founded in 1975. Ever since then, high quality, high-value-added "sons" have been introduced to the market to wide acclaim.


   Back in the days of high school many of my friends owned EPSON printers and scanners but i was mostly an Hewlett & Packard guy since back then i used to judge such machines mostly on how they looked and how fast they were (even had SCSI units). That changed a few years later when i had my first encounter with a Canon multifunction unit which not only stunned me with its colors, detail and speed but also impressed me with its build quality and finish, features we can still see with their products. EPSON entered my life just recently in comparison when i started using one of their Stylus Photo printers but unfortunately because multifunction machines can be used for more tasks i stopped using it shortly afterwards (although i was very satisfied with it). However with the arrival of the Stylus SX535WD and after working with it for almost 20 days i can say with certainty that it will be my primary machine with everything related to printing, scanning and copying documents/photographs, why that is you can easily see by reading this review.


Posted: 5 years 7 months ago by freedom #18
NikKTech's Avatar
Duty cycle doesn't really matter.I had both HP and CANON printers that worked fine but never reached them, not even close. Same goes with light bulbs and most electronics, they never reach their life expectancy. Manufacturers test their products inside labs with a specific methodology which in the long run has nothing to do with how we use things.
Posted: 5 years 7 months ago by grayhoose #17
grayhoose's Avatar
nice all-in-one, noticed on the Epson site the consumer printers don't list the duty cycle.