23 - 10 - 2017
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Kingston SSDNow E100 200GB Solid-State Drive Review

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kingston e100 200gbb

   After reading our charts some of you may think that the SSDNow E100 is not a very good SSD since there are quite a few models that surpass its speeds but like i said with the E50 the E100 is not a model aimed solely at performance but rather a model aimed at the sweet spot between performance and data integrity (with NAND flash modules sporting almost four times the life of the ones used in the E50 the E100 has that in abundance) the two features cherished most by professionals and enterprise users around the world. That being said the E100 already counts almost 2 full years in the market and if it can hold its own for so long even against brand new models (it did better than the E50 in many important tests after all) i really want to see what Kingston will offer with its successor.


   Since the E100 is the top of the line enterprise grade model sold by Kingston (higher than the E50) we did expect it to carry a hefty price tag and it does (and then some) since the 200GB variant which we have here with us today retails for USD761.99 inside the USA (Amazon.com) and 676.02Euros inside the EU (Amazon.de). True this price tag is way up there but let's not forget that the SSDNow E100 is aimed at professionals and enterprise users who can't afford not to secure their data with the best possible hardware and with a lifespan almost 4 times over than that of the E50 the E100 can obviously offer that. Needless to say regular consumers have very little need for such drives and since currently one can get a brand new high-performance 240GB model for 1/3rd of the money i don't think there's even a valid comparison in place. For enterprise environments however the SSDNow E100 with its performance, features and endurance/durability is the obvious choice and that's why it gets our Golden Award.


- Build Quality (Enterprise Grade/1m Hours MTBF)
- Almost 4 Times As Durable As The E50
- Very Good Performance
- Power Loss Protection/DuraClass/DuraWrite/RAISE Features
- 3 Years Warranty



- Price (For Some)