21 - 01 - 2018
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Toshiba Nearline MG03ACA400 4TB SATA III HDD Review

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   There's little doubt in my mind that most of you reading these lines just took a quick look at the charts of this review compared the MG03ACA400 with the Enterprise Capacity V3 3.5 drive by Seagate which is undoubtedly faster and have reached a conclusion. However things are not black and white so when comparing two similar devices we need to know exactly what it is that we are comparing and so on one hand we have a mid-end enterprise grade HDD model aimed at small/mid-sized businesses while on the other we have a more expensive high-end enterprise grade HDD model aimed towards large businesses so naturally it has to perform better and last longer. Of course that doesn't change facts and so although the R/W speeds of the MG03ACA400 are very good (around 160MB/s) it does lag behind the latest Seagate Enterprise Capacity V3 3.5 4TB model and that combined with the significantly less MTBF make the latest enterprise grade model by Seagate a far more "tempting" solution for people who place performance and durability above price.


   At the end of the day the only real drawback the Toshiba Nearline MG03ACA400 4TB SATA III HDD has is its price tag since it currently retails at around USD360 inside the USA and at around 340Euros inside the EU. The reason we are saying that is because the current price tag places the Nearline MG03ACA400 4TB HDD above the Enterprise Capacity V3 3.5 (AKA Constellation ES.3) 4TB drive by Seagate and that was not something we were expecting. Certainly there's always a possibility that a manufacturer knows more than we do and sets the price based on that but on the other hand we can only judge things based on what we know and since the Enterprise Capacity V3 3.5 4TB HDD is quite faster and has a way higher MTBF we can only hope that Toshiba will change their pricing policy for the Nearline MG03ACA400 4TB SATA III HDD. Still we can't deny that the MG03ACA400 is not only very fast but it also features low temperatures and noise levels and comes with the build quality we know Toshiba offers and that's enough for it to get our Golden Award.


- Build Quality
- Performance
- Low Temperatures / Noise Levels
- 5 Years Warranty




- Price/Performance Ratio (Compared To The Competition)