20 - 02 - 2018
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COUGAR GX-1050 V3 1050W Power Supply Unit Review

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cougar gx 1050 v3 13t

The 140mm fan is probably manufactured by Young Lin Tech Co. Ltd. (judging by the part number) and so it can reach speeds of up to 1700RPM to produce airflow of up to 91.16CFM with just 36dBA of noise.



cougar gx 1050 v3 14t

The layout of the interior is quite clean and just like its predecessor this PSU is probably manufactured by HEC.



cougar gx 1050 v3 15t

We are quite glad to see that for the two primary capacitors COUGAR choice one by Nippon Chemi-Con with a 105 degrees Celsius certification.



cougar gx 1050 v3 16tcougar gx 1050 v3 17t
Secondary capacitors are both from Nippon Chemi-Con and Teapo and are also certified for use up to 105 degrees Celsius.