22 - 02 - 2018
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Antec VPF550 Strictly Power 550W Power Supply Unit Review

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   The very first thing some people pointed out to us when they saw the VPF550 on our photo bench was the non-modular design and i will tell you what i told them, Higher wattage models need to be modular mainly because there's very little chance that you'll be using all of the available power connectors so the ones you will not use have no place in your tower (better airflow and better looking without them in the way). However when we're talking about a low wattage model like the VPF550 there's really no need for modular cables since you will probably use all of its available power connectors. On the other hand however the Yate Loon fan is not inaudible and i honestly expected more by Antec since the VPF550 is clearly not aimed towards serious gamers with loud graphics cards so almost 50dBA of noise could be annoying to some people. Also worth mentioning is that although on the box it states that the VPF550 is covered by 3 years warranty (AQ3) on the specs sheet and on the warranty information paper it says 2. This of course doesn't impact the performance of the VPF550 but no matter how we all look at it that's definitely a small drawback.

   The VPF550 Strictly Power 550W PSU is one of those models which are not available inside the USA currently (or is with a different model name) but it is available inside the EU for a price tag of 55.80Euros (Amazon.de). Now although in terms of performance the VPF550 is certainly not the best PSU money can buy (nor the best 550W model in the market) i can't say that we had any complaints from it during testing and a price tag of 55Euros can only make things better and that's why we highly recommend taking a look if you're out in the market for a new low-wattage power supply unit.



- Good Quality
- Good Rail Stability
- Two PCI-E Power Connectors
- CircuitShield™ Protections
- Price (For Some)



- Non-Modular Design
- 2 Years Warranty (Not 3 As Stated On The Box)
- Noise Levels (Load)


* UPDATE: According to Antec the VPF series comes with a 3 year warranty and not two as stated in the warranty and specs sheets (the VP series feature 2).