18 - 11 - 2017
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Antec HCG-750M 750W Power Supply Unit Review

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antec hcg 750mb

   One of the things i like about Antec is that they like to update/polish their lines in regular intervals and that's basically what their brand new High Current Gamer line is. Naturally as expected they have updated the entire design with new and improved components (even added an LED fan with an on/off switch) to justify the launch of a brand new line but if you already have one of the previous High Current Gamer PSUs (especially the HCG-900) then i see no reason to get one of the new ones. On the other hand if you are out to purchase a new PSU with good performance, relatively low noise levels and good performance the new HCG-750M could be the right one for you.


   Antec just launched the new High Current Gamer M line so they are not widely available yet (we were only able to locate them in just 4 online stores globally) so you can expect their prices to drop even further. Right now however judging solely by the few stores we did find carrying it the HCG-750M comes at a retail price tag set around 160USD inside the USA and 130Euros inside the EU. Of course as usual the competition is fierce on most price segments but in the end there aren't really that many manufacturers currently in the market one can trust like Antec (5 years warranty is also something not many have in their mid-end PSUs). Regarding the HCG-750M its performance is very good, it's almost inaudible even at full load (and then some), the LED fan is a nice touch (especially since there's also a LED on/off switch present) and the price tag is not half bad so naturally it walks away with our Golden Award in hand.


- Build Quality
- Performance (Rail Stability)
- Almost Inaudible
- LED On/Off Switch
- 80 Plus Bronze Certified
- Future Proof




- Price (For Some)



Posted: 4 years 4 months ago by dacul #1097
dacul's Avatar
Despite that typo it's an honest tech review. As always...Thx! Antec made a very good job with this PSU, powerful and stable with nice sleeved cables. Next time i want to see this baby working hard...
Posted: 4 years 5 months ago by Freedom #1095
NikKTech's Avatar
When you are in a hurry you make mistakes so we made a typo at the beginning of this review (we typed CES instead of E3).