18 - 01 - 2018
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Be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 XL-ATX Mid-Tower Review

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be quiet dark base pro 900b   Be quiet! has released several very interesting towers in the past but the Dark Base Pro 900 is simply put their best to date. This is not just because of its very spacious interior which can hold up to seven 3.5” drives, fifteen 2.5” drives and a total of eleven 120/140mm fans (or three radiators) but also because of its modular design, quality materials (including a side panel made out of 4mm thick tinted tempered glass) and noise-insulating mats. And then there’s also enough room for 185mm tall CPU coolers, 150mm long power supply units (284mm without a bottom fan installed) and 323mm long graphics cards (472mm without HDD cages). The Qi wireless charger is also a nice touch but personally I think that an external 3.5/2.5” docking bay would be much more useful to consumers (at least most). As for the two bundled RGB LED strips it’s nice that be quiet! gives consumers the choice of whether or not to use them and if so place them wherever they’d like inside the case.

   Since the Dark Base Pro 900 is currently the flagship model in the PC cases line by be quite! it only makes sense that its price would be set quite high and it is since currently you can find it for USD249.90 inside the USA (Amazon.com) and for 240Euros inside the EU (Amazon.co.uk). Of course every single thing in the industry designed with enthusiasts in mind carries a hefty price tag and let’s not also forget that there are PC cases out there that cost many times the price of the Dark Base Pro 900. That being said the Dark Base Pro 900 may not be perfect but it’s without doubt one of the best towers to reach our lab and for that it gets our Platinum Award.


- Build Quality
- XL ATX Compatible
- Modular Design (Inverted Mainboard Installation)
- Tempered Glass Side Panel
- Noise Dampening Coating (Right/Top/Front)
- Can Support Up To 11 Fans
- Radiator Space (Top & Front 240/280/360/420mm)
- Room For 7x3.5" and 15x2.5" Drives
- Removable Drive Cages
- Space For 185mm Tall CPU Coolers, 284mm Long PSUs and 472mm Long Graphics Cards
- Fan Controller
- Qi Wireless Charger
- Two RGB LED Strips



- Price (For Some)
- Hard To Remove Top Panel
- Internal PSU Space (Reduced Noise but Requires More Space)