18 - 01 - 2018
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Be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 XL-ATX Mid-Tower Review

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be quiet dark base pro 900 26t

Be quiet! classifies the Dark Base Pro 900 as a mid-tower but since its interior is capable of holding even XL-ATX mainboards that's really hard to believe.



Both 5.25" optical drive bays are removable if you wish to add a third fan at the front or a 280/360/420mm radiator.



A total of 7 drive trays are placed beneath the 5.25" bays. You can use each tray to house a single 3.5" and up to two 2.5" drives.



All 7 drive trays feature anti-vibration silicon pads (at least for the 3.5" drives).



There isn't much free space for a radiator between the 3.5/2.5" trays and the front 140mm fans but still you can squeeze a 36mm thick one as you will see later on.



The mainboard tray has a total of 3 rubber grommets.



As usual all 8 PCI expansion slots use thumbscrews and thus are completely tool-less.



Be quiet! has used an internal mounting bracket for the PSU in order to reduce noise coming from it (the power supply sits on 4 rubber feet/pads). At the base of the Dark Base Pro 900 you can also mount up to two 120/140mm fans.



As you can all see the right side panel doesn't only feature a thick insulating mat but you can also equip it with two 120mm fans (you will need to remove the pads mounted in their place however).


Taking a look from the right side of the chassis we see that each of the seven 3.5/2.5" drive cages is held in place via three thumbscrews.



Here we also see a fan hub for 8 fans and a single removable 2.5" drive tray.



This tray is made out of aluminum and is very sturdy.



Just like with the Pure Base 600 Window to access the clips and remove the top you will need to remove both side panels (it also features a layer of noise insulating material).



At the top there's enough room either for three 120/140mm fans or a single 240/280/360/420mm radiator.



We forgot to mention that there's plenty of room for cable management on the other side of the mainboard tray.